Sunday, May 29, 2011

Life at home with Maddox + pics

When we were home with Maddox, life was literally perfect. I wish things could have stayed that way forever.

We went home on October 11th, 2010 after 1 month in the NICU.

Going home and being home was amazing. We went home on an apnea monitor which I loved.(so much peace of mind) The NICU nurses taught us how to put down the ng tube which terrified me. How could I stick a tube down my own little boy's nose and into his stomach?!! But we both quickly learned and it became a breeze. Max was on 5 different medications, the list grew longer as time went on. Here was our daily schedule.

9am- Ron got up and gave Max his morning meds (Actigal and Bi-cytra) through a bottle with expressed breastmilk. I got Peyton ready for daycare and then my teacher usually arrived at this time and we worked on home schooling until about 10 o'clock. I usually got about 1-2 lessons done a day. During and after my lessons were done my teacher would hold Maddox for a little bit, we would just talk and play and just enjoy him. He was so perfect and darling. He never cried. He was always happy and fun to be around. He was the perfect baby. He just sat there, appreciated life and just being home. He would flash us a smile here and there and just snuggle and play. He loved patty cake.

Then after my teacher left, Max and I would usually go lay back in bed, I would nurse him to sleep and we would nap in bed for another few hours. LIFE WAS GREAT! People often came and stopped by to see him here and there. We didn't take him out very many places because we didn't want him to get sick. Though we payed regular visits to both grandparents houses as they all adored him! The perfect baby, he loved cuddling with everyone! He never threw fits, just let us know when he wanted to eat! He was perfect.

 I never felt tired when caring for him. I some how effortlessly jumped out of bed at the slightest wimper of his. I never let him cry. He hardly would either. He would wake up usually about every 3-4 hours to eat. He would start to make noises and wake and I would attend to him the second I heard his voice. We would nurse back to sleep and SOMETIMES stay in bed. Unless I fell asleep nursing him, I would carefully place him back in his crib and he would usually stay asleep, or only make noises for a few seconds and drift back off. It was perfect.

I never realized how sleep deprived my body actually was. I never felt tired. I was always happy and joyful and just always so into my baby. I never felt any baby blues. I never felt fatigued. However, any time we went to a relatives house, I always found myself falling asleep on their couch as they played with Maddox LOL I didn't mean to, I guess my body really was tired but I was too joyed to even notice.

Bath time was one of our favorites! The first two bathes I gave Maddox at home were in his bath tub. Then I figured one day, heck why dont he just get in with me? So we took our first bath together and OMG we both loved it! It was the most content he ever was. He would just literally float in the water and just relax. We would snuggle, play and even eat in the bath. The only part he didn't like was the getting out part lol I routinely handed him over to daddy so I coudl finish up my bath. Max would cry for literally two seconds until daddy got home onto the towel spread out on the floor and covered him up in his bath towel. Daddy always had everything ready to go and set out to make that 3 step trip from the bathtub to the towel lol Then daddy would lotion him up and get him in his jammies. Daddy always picked out the silliest jammies!

At night we would all usually sit on the couch and watch tv. Daddy liked to play video games and Max LOVED to watch! He looked just as if he knew the game and knew what was going on LOL It was so cute!

Sometimes Max needed his own personal space. lol He would start to fuss for no reason when we soon found it was just because he wanted his own time in his bouncy chair. ^.^

We had lots of doctors appointments, at least a couple a week. But it was just life for us. We dealt with it. When I think back to the life we had with him at home, I can hardly remember the appointments. It was just life and our life was great. Max was the perfect baby boy and we loved every second with him. Everyone loved him. He will always have a very special, irreplaceable spot in everyones heart who held him...

Life was great with our little man. I just can't even believe it all happened so fast. We are broken and it gets so hard. Sometimes we don't know how we could possibly survive another day without our little boy. Somehow we do, and we get little signs from him here and there. I can't wait till we have this all again one day. I can't wait to hold my little man again <3


  1. Thanks for sharing his life. Man he was cute. Its sounds so familiar - the ng, the docs, the meds and how thankful we were for every minute of it. Sounds like our lives were so similar.

  2. Such a beautiful baby!!! I am so glad you have all the great memories that you can cherish forever. Praying for you <3