Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Journey Through Pictures

                                                                     Ron and I

Maddox in the belly, when I first started showing :)

                                                             Our very first ultrasound at 13 weeks

                                                     Still waiting to find out where were having
                                                                       Its a BOY!

                                                   The cake for the baby shower! Got TONS of stuff!
                                                    It was a long, hot, pregnant summer for mama!
                                                            Me the morning of induction!
                                             In LOTS of pain lol About to get my epidural
                                               Finally got him out after a good 2 hours of pushing!
                                            Little guy right after he was born, very beat up but still cute!
                                                     Holding my baby for the first time <3

                                                         Little guy after being transferred to Rockford
                                                                Lil Madd and Daddy
Staying in the over night room at Rockford hospital, the night before we got to go home

                                         Going home for the first time after 4 long weeks in Rockford
                                                      Meeting aunt PeyPey for the first time

                                        Just hanging out looking cute at home (the blue strap is his apnea monitor)
                                                In the ER at ksb waiting to get transferred to Rockford again
                                           In Rockfords little hospital gowns lol so cute

                        In Rockford back on the high flow cannula, just before getting transferred to childrens
  The morning after getting transferred to Hope Childrens Hospital, Maddox went into cardiac arrest and needed to be intubated.
                                               Max got to meet Brian Urlacher for Christmas!
                                         Merry Christmas and Happy New year from Maddox!

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